Special Education

Director of Student Services: Dr. Lauren Gunther
 609-399-1290 Ext. 8752 | Email

Special Education Services Supervisor: Annemarie Wagner-Fehn
 609-399-1290 Ext. 8747 | Email

Secretary to the Director of Student Services: Eileen Sorantino
 609-399-1290 Ext. 8753 | Email

Student Services Secretary: Joyce Franks
609-398-6573 | Email

Child Study Team Secretary: Pamela Schad
609-399-1290 Ext. 8724 | Email

Learning Disabilities Teacher Consultant: Lorraine Baldwin
609-399-1290 Ext. 8727 | Email

Learning Disabilities Teacher Consultant: Stephanie Hurless
609-399-3191 Ext. 6522 | Email

Learning Disabilities Teacher Consultant: Pamela Wilson
609-399-5611 Ext. 5419 | Email

Special Education Parent Advisory Group (SEPAG)

Jodee Wagner 

It is the mission of the Ocean City School's Department of Special Services to provide the opportunity for each student that has been identified as eligible to receive special education services, to achieve their maximum intellectual, academic, social and emotional growth. Our goal is to ensure that each student develops a positive self-image and become a productive citizen in order to live a happy and fulfilling life.

Serving children with special needs ages 3-21.