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COVID-19 and Food Safety Memo (New Jersey Department of Agriculture)

Food Safe Schools Tools and Guide (USDA)

Interim Guidance for Administrators of US K-12 Schools and Child Care Programs to Plan,  Prepare, and Respond to Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) (CDC)

Seamless Summer Option: Providing Multiple Meals at a Time During the Coronavirus

  • Meals will be served in spaces where 6 ft physical distancing can be maintained. Food service will wear a face covering and disposable gloves when preparing and serving meals. Meals will be packaged or bagged to reduce contact and congestion among students.

  • The use of share tables and self-service buffets for food and condiments will be suspended.

  • As recommended in the NJDOE The Road Back, disposable food service items will be utilized when available. Where disposable items are not feasible or desirable, the OCSD will ensure that all non-disposable food service items are handled with gloves and washed with dish soap and hot water or in a dishwasher.

  • Physical barriers, such as sneeze guards and partitions, will be installed at point of sale and other areas where maintaining a physical distance of 6 feet is difficult.

  • If cafeterias or other group dining areas are in use, school districts will stagger eating times to allow for social distancing and disinfecting of the area between groups.

  • OCSD will discontinue family-style, self-service, and buffet-style dining and maintain social distancing.

  • Training will be provided with written notice and verbal instructions pertaining to General Controls. Cafeteria staff will wash their hands immediately after removing gloves and after directly handling used food service items.

  • Child Nutrition Kitchen Staff will wear a mask and disposable (single use) gloves at all times while working in the central kitchen and while distributing meals at mobile stations.

  • Students will be educated not to share food.

  • The Food Service Department will continue ongoing consultation with the New Jersey Department of Agriculture for additional information regarding compliance with Child Nutrition Program rules and regulations.