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College Bound Testing

Ocean City High School students consistently outperform the average of our district factor group.  More than 92 percent of our graduating seniors plan to attend college.  Some of the members of the graduating class continue their education at the most prestigious universities in the nation, and it all starts here!




PSAT Testing

To All Sophomores and Juniors and Their Parents/Guardians:

PSAT Testing will take place on Wednesday, October 12, 2022. This is the last year this test will be offering a paper and pencil version. Fall 2023 will go digital/computer based.

The use of cell phones or other electronic devices is prohibited. Please do not bring them to the test room. Bring #2 pencils and a calculator; even though math questions can be answered without one. A basic scientific calculator will work (ex. TI-30X). Calculators will not be provided on test day. Please see your counselor if you are unable to get one by test day.

Results will come back in mid December and students will be notified when and how to get their score reports.

Testing time is approximately 3.5 hours - 3 hours for testing with the remaining time for administrative duties. Snacks may be consumed in the hall during scheduled breaks only.

The PSAT is part of the College Board’s redesigned College and Career Readiness Pathway series of integrated assessments that help measure college and career readiness from now through the 12th grade.

Below are testing locations by last name:
*Please report directly to your testing location upon arrival to school.  Test will begin promptly at 8am.  There is no make-up day.  Lunch will follow testing (around noon) with an early dismissal at 12:40pm. 

If you are scheduled to test in an alternate setting, your counselor will discuss this with you individually.

Free PSAT Resources:


A228 - Horizon 10th grade students

G207       ABER-BERA

G205       BERI-CATT

G202       CAVI-DIBA

C214        DIER-GALL

C212        GANN-HELLE

C210        HENN-LACA

C206        LARG-MCQU

C211        MEJI-OCH              

C209        OLIV-POWELL, M.

C207        PUER-SACR

C205        SAKE-STAU

A214        STEI-WALL

A216        WATS-ZAPA


A228 - Horizon 11th grade students

A102        ALEX-BLAC

A104        BLIS-CHRI

B104        CLAR-DOOL

B102        DOUG-GIES           

B100        GILH-HENG

B109        HERI-LAMA

B111        LANC-LYSI

C103        MACD-METW

C105        MIST-PALM

C107        PANC-RIPA

C109        RITZ-SCHW

A101        SEGI-TOCC

A103        TURN-ZINT


Click here for PSAT Grades 10 and 11 Information for Parents (PDF)



PSAT 8/9 Testing

To All Freshmen Students and Their Parents/Guardians: 
PSAT 8/9 Digital Testing will take place on Wednesday, October 12, 2022.

  • Students need to bring their fully charged Chromebook for testing.  There are no classes being held during the ½ day schedule.  Cell phones are prohibited. Do not bring them to the test room. You may bring a calculator; even though there will be an embedded calculator to use for a certain section of the math portion.
  • Results will come back in mid December and students will be notified when and how to get their score reports. 
  • Testing time is approximately 3 hours – about 2.5 hours for testing with the remaining time for administrative duties.  

The PSAT 8/9 is part of the College Board’s redesigned College and Career Readiness Pathway series of integrated assessments that help measure college and career readiness from now through the 12th grade.


Click Here For more information on this new digital test experience

Click Here for Student practice

Click Here for PSAT 8/9 Letter to Parents (PDF)


Below are testing locations by last name:
*Please report directly to your testing location upon arrival to school. Test will begin promptly at 8am. There is no make-up day.  Lunch will follow testing (around noon) with an early dismissal at 12:40pm.  


PSAT 8/9 – GRADE 9 


A226 - Horizon 9th grade students

















Remaining 2022 Weekend SAT Dates

SAT Test Date:
November 5
Register by October 7 Late Registration Deadline:
October 25
SAT Test Date:
December 3
Register by November 3 Late Registration Deadline:
November 22


Registration Is Now Open for Spring 2023

Test Dates Registration Deadlines Late Registration Deadlines
March 11 February 10 February 28
May 6 April 7 April 25
June 3 May 4  May 23

Testing Accomodations:

Who is Eligible for SAT Testing Accomodations?

SAT Accomodations Consent Form


ACT Testing

2022-2023 Test Dates (National)

Test Date

Regular Registration Deadline

Late Registration Deadline
Late Fee Applies

Standby Deadline
Photo Upload Deadline

September 10, 2022

August 5

August 19

September 2

October 22, 2022

September 16

September 30

October 14

December 10, 2022

November 4

November 11

December 2

February 11, 2023

January 6

January 20

February 3

April 15, 2023
@Mainland Regional HS

March 10

March 24

April 7

June 10, 2023

May 5

May 19

June 2

July 15, 2023*

June 16

June 23

July 7



AP Exam Registration

Ocean City High School’s Advanced Placement Exam Registration

Registration on TR is now open for payment purposes:  Click Here

Registering/paying for an AP exam is a two-step process:

1)  Establish a CB account/use existing. Next, enter specific join code (provided by AP teacher) - say YES to take exam. The current default for students is “undecided.”

2) PAYMENT:  click to use - $97 per exam.

Here are the important dates for the registration and payment process:

  • 9/6/2022 - Registration opens through The College Board and payment opens through Total Registration.
  • 10/31/2022 @ 11:00pm - Last day to register without a late fee.
  • 11/1/2021 – 11/4/2022 - $40 late fee applies per exam (as dictated by The College Board).

No registrations accepted after 11/4/22

ATTENTION! Students and guardians should complete this registration/enrollment together
This is a two-step process and both steps MUST be completed to access the AP Classroom resources and/or order AP Exams.

  1. Complete the registration process that starts below.
  2. Enroll all your AP courses and exams in the College Board's MyAP system with the Join Codes you will receive at the end of this registration process or from your AP teacher.

Students taking AP courses/exams at Ocean City High School must enroll/register here by 11:00 pm, November 1, 2022. The 2023 AP Exams cost $97 per exam.

A confirmation page indicates that the first step has been completed. The confirmation page will include the information needed to complete the second step of enrolling courses/exams in the College Board's system, This step should be completed right away as exams will not be ordered if both steps are not completed.

Registrations made after 11:00 PM, Tuesday, Nov 1, 2022 will incur a $40 late fee per exam

AP exams registrations that are not fully paid by Friday, November 4, 2022 will be canceled and exams will not be ordered.

 Students currently enrolled in AP US HISTORY 1 do NOT take the AP exam until the end of junior year after AP US HISTORY 2.  This is a two-year program.


Refund Policy

We understand that on rare occasions students must cancel an exam. Here is our refund policy:

  • Students who cancel an exam by Tue - Nov 8, 2022 are entitled to a full refund of the exam fee.
  • After Tue - Nov 8, 2022 there are no refunds.
  • Late fees are nonrefundable.

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Make-Up Testing: The following are approved reasons to schedule a make-up AP exam outside of the normal testing window: two AP exams during the same exam block, serious illness*, family tragedy, or sports or academic competition. (*Students must provide a doctor’s note if they miss an exam due to illness.) Students should notify the Counseling Office at the time of exam registration if students have two AP exams in one block. There is no make-up testing for any other reason.

Exams Not Listed: Students who wish to take an exam that is not offered at OCHS, please contact Mrs. Campo, AP Coordinator, in the guidance office ( or ext. 8717).

Special Testing Accommodations: Students with documented disabilities, who do not already have accommodations approved by The College Board, must submit their request by January 18th, 2023. Students should contact their counselor for information on requesting accommodations well in advance of this deadline.

Financial Assistance:  Exam registration fees will be reduced to $53 per exam for students who receive free/reduced lunch. Students must indicate this at the time of registration.

The exam dates are:  May 1 – 5; May 8 – 12. 

See this link for specific day/time:

The following exams will be given DIGITALLY for 2023:

  • AP Computer Science Principles
  • AP English Language and Composition
  • AP English Literature and Composition
  • AP United States History
  • AP World History: Modern

Click Here for AP Testing Directions for Parents and Students (PDF)



ASVAB TESTING (Military Entrance Exam)

Testing held at OCHS - December 1st, 2022 - 7:45am. Grades 10-12 are welcome!