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11th Grade College Planning #1 Library 6:30-8pm
Oct 17th 2019 -Oct 17th 2019

Underclassmen Retakes 7:30am-2:30pm
Oct 18th 2019 -Oct 18th 2019

Homecoming Dance 7-10pm
Oct 19th 2019 -Oct 19th 2019

Hall of Fame Induction Auditorium 11:30am
Oct 20th 2019 -Oct 20th 2019

Senior Final Portraits 9am-3pm
Oct 21st 2019 -Oct 22nd 2019

College Planning/Fair at Mainland Reg HS 6pm
Oct 29th 2019 -Oct 29th 2019

College Instant Decision Day D102 8am-2pm
Oct 31st 2019 -Nov 1st 2019

School Choice Open House 6:30-800 pm
Nov 14th 2019 -Nov 14th 2019 - 6:30 PM
School Choice Open House - Tour of Building - Presentation - Question & Answer

Volunteer Fair Students Only 10am-12pm
Nov 22nd 2019 -Nov 22nd 2019

It's a Wonderful Life Show 7-10pm
Dec 5th 2019 -Dec 7th 2019

It's a Wonderful Life Show 2-6pm
Dec 7th 2019 -Dec 7th 2019

Nat'l Honor Society Induction Aud 7-9:30pm
Dec 9th 2019 -Dec 9th 2019

Annual Cookie Walk Comm Rm 5-9:00pm
Dec 13th 2019 -Dec 13th 2019

Choir Winter Concert Aud 7-9pm
Dec 13th 2019 -Dec 13th 2019

Military Options Night Library 6:30-8:30pm
Dec 17th 2019 -Dec 17th 2019

4 Yr College Preview Students Only 1-2:30pm
Jan 3rd 2020 -Jan 3rd 2020

9th & 10th Grade College Planning Library 6:30-8:30pm
Jan 16th 2020 -Jan 16th 2020

6th & 8th Grade College Planning Library 6-6:45pm
Jan 23rd 2020 -Jan 23rd 2020

8th Grade Orientation Aud 7-9pm
Jan 23rd 2020 -Jan 23rd 2020

Careers in Trades Students Only 10am-12pm
Feb 7th 2020 -Feb 7th 2020

Band Booster Pasta Night Cafe 4-8pm
Feb 7th 2020 -Feb 7th 2020

Choir Broadway Night Concert Aud 7-8:30pm
Feb 7th 2020 -Feb 7th 2020

ASVAB Testing Library 7:30am-12pm
Feb 13th 2020 -Feb 13th 2020

OC's Got Talent Show Aud 6-9pm
Feb 21st 2020 -Feb 21st 2020

Blood Drive Students Only 7:30am-2:30pm
Feb 28th 2020 -Feb 28th 2020

Job Fair Students Only 10am-12:30pm
Mar 5th 2020 -Mar 5th 2020

Mr OCHS Show Aud 7-10pm
Mar 6th 2020 -Mar 6th 2020

Raider Nation 8th Grade Dance Cafe 7:30-9pm
Mar 13th 2020 -Mar 13th 2020

11th Grade College Planning #2 Library 6:30-8pm
Mar 19th 2020 -Mar 19th 2020

Spring Musical Show Aud 7-10pm
Mar 26th 2020 -Mar 28th 2020

Spring Musical Show Aud 2-6pm
Mar 28th 2020 -Mar 28th 2020

Jazz Band Concert Aud 7-9pm
Apr 3rd 2020 -Apr 3rd 2020

Choir Spring Concert Aud 7-9pm
May 1st 2020 -May 1st 2020

Instrumental Band Concert Aud 7-10pm
May 8th 2020 -May 8th 2020

Motion City Dance Show Aud 7-9:30pm
May 9th 2020 -May 9th 2020

Senior Awards Breakfast Aud 7:15-9:30am
May 29th 2020 -May 29th 2020
Reception at 7:15am in the Community Room

Community Scholarship Gala Aud 5:30-9pm
Jun 1st 2020 -Jun 1st 2020
Reception at 5:30pm in the Community Room

ASL Show Aud 7-10pm
Jun 4th 2020 -Jun 5th 2020