Virtual Job Fair 2021



April 14th, 2021   1:30 - 3:00 PM LIVE

OCHS will be hosting their first ever virtual job fair and are looking for businesses to join in! This event will enable businesses to interact with students, post applications, links, website information and much more. The job fair is a tremendous opportunity for students to develop career readiness skills, develop their resume’ and gain fiscal responsibility and independence. These skills are directly aligned the Career Readiness, Life Literacies, and Key Skill standards set forth by the New Jersey Department of Education.

* There is no charge for you to participate in this event.   

OCHS has decided to implement this virtual opportunity to maintain the safety standards set forth by the CMC Department of Health.  This platform is the most effective way to allow students and employers to connect for summer/seasonal employment safely. 

Students should receive a list of employers and positions available a week prior to the event and should determine what employers/positions they are interested in applying to prior to the event. They should also update/create their personal resume.

In order to make this event as comprehensive and equitable as possible, OCHS has reached out to every business that has participated in prior job fairs as well as posted it on our website and social media outlets.   

It is important for students to take advantage of this event opportunity in an effort to develop as a person, learn time management, responsibility, customer service skills as well as save earning for college or other post-secondary training. 

Due to the location, students have access to ample employment opportunities that will assist them with enhancing existing interpersonal skills as well as develop them. Employment in high school can also expose students to potential career pathways, career readiness skills as well as entrepreneurship.