Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are the school hours?

Students are let into the building at 7:35am. Homeroom starts at 7:45am and the first academic period of the day starts at 7:50am. Dismissal on a regular day is at 2:20pm. On half days, dismissal is at 12:10pm.


  1. What are the drop off and pick up rules at the start of the day and dismissal?

All OCIS buses drop students off for the start of the school day in the bus loop in the front of the school. No cars are to be in this loop from 7:30am until 7:45am. Students being dropped off for the start of school and walkers should enter the school from the Haven Avenue side. At the end of the day, bus students load the buses in the front of the building from 2:20pm – 2:25pm. All students who are picked up by private vehicles are to exit the school and walk through the basketball courts to the vehicles parked on Haven Avenue. This is under teacher supervision. All students not picked up by 2:40pm are escorted to the Main Office. Anyone needing special assistance must wait in the Main Office for parent pick-up. All students who ride bikes are required to wear helmets and walk their bikes off the property via Bay or Haven Avenues. All bikes must be locked in the designated area. All students walking from school may depart via Bay or Haven Avenues as soon as the dismissal bell rings. Students are reminded to use crosswalks and the crossing guards.


  1. How do we find out about our child’s homework assignment?

You can find assignments on PowerSchool


  1. How do we access student grades?

The PowerSchool link can be found in the "Quick Links" section on homepage or click here!


  1. When do clubs, sports and the various afterschool activities start?

Some of the afterschool activities start the first full week of school. We provide an afterschool bus for those students who normally take a bus. The afterschool buses leave at 3:30pm. There are only two buses one for the north end and one for the south end. These buses do not stop at the normal bus stops. Please check with the driver to see which stop is closest for you. You may check out the website for the varying after school groups and contact the advisors for more information.


  1. Where can we find out information about school lunches and lunch account information?

The OCSD website has a link under “Deparments” for “Food Services”. Once in this section you will find menus and other important documents, including online lunch accounts. Click here to be redirected. 


  1. When are report card dates?

OCIS has four marking periods. Report card dates, the dates for the end of each marking period, and other important dates can be found on the website by clicking on the “OCIS Calendar” link under the “Students” heading here.


  1. When are parent-teacher conferences?

Typically the parent-teacher conferences at OCIS are held in early November. For the exact dates and time simply click here or on the “District Calendar” link under the “Students” heading of the website.


  1. What is the best way to contact a teacher?

The best way to contact a teacher at OCIS is by email. All staff member’s email addresses are their first initial, followed by their last name, followed by For example: John Smith would be A list and link to each teaching staff member can be found here in the "Staff Directory" under "Staff."


  1. Is there a student dress code?

Yes, the student dress code can be found in our Student Handbook which is both on our website and distributed to students during the first few days of school.


Summer - 

  1. How do we enter the building during the summer?

Access to the main office is via the front doors on Bay Avenue. Visitors may park in the semicircular area in the front of the building on Bay Avenue. Our address is 1801 Bay Avenue. Please ring the doorbell and you will be buzzed in. In addition, our phone number at OCIS is 399-5611.


  1. What are the hours that the school is open during the summer?

The school office is open from 7:30am to 3:30pm starting July 1st until August 17th. Starting August 18th, the office hours return to normal (7:30am to 4:00pm).


  1. What do I do if I moved here and need to register my child?

Please call the school's guidance secretary, Mrs. Brown, would be appreciated. Mrs. Brown's phone number is 399-5611, ext. 5417 and click here to email her. Our guidance secretary will inform you of the proper documents that are necessary and/or will help with the process.


  1. Is there an orientation for new students?

For the upcoming school year, our new student orientation will occur on Wednesday, August 29th. There are two orientations, one for the students and families of 4th grade students (9:30am) and a separate orientation for students new to the district that are in grades five through eight (11:00am).


  1. When does school usually begin for the school year?

The school year typically starts the week of Labor Day. Please check here for the district school calendar.


  1. Where can we find out information about school lunches and lunch account information?

The OCSD website has a link under "Staff" for "Food". Once in this section you will find menus and other important documents, including online lunch accounts.


  1. When are student schedules sent out?

Student schedules are usually mailed in mid-August, just prior to the new student orientation.


  1. Are there summer reading assignments?

The school website lists Summer Reading & School Supplies as a page under the "Students" tab here. Each grade has its own list with a Summer Reading Book List. Below the Summer Reading tabs you will also find information on School Supplies, which is also broken down by grades.

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