Dr. Taylor Receives Resolution

Dr. Taylor Receives Resolution from the New Jersey State Legislature 

This week, Ocean City School District Superintendent Dr. Kathleen Taylor received a Resolution from the New Jersey State Legislature honoring her as the 2018 State Superintendent of the Year presented by Senator Jeff Van Drew.  It was the last voting day for Senator Van Drew, and officially his last Resolution as our state senator before taking the oath of office in early January as our United States Congressman.

In part the Resolution reads, “The Senate and General Assembly of the State of New Jersey are pleased to salute and commend Kathleen W. Taylor Ed.D., a highly esteemed resident of the Garden State, upon her selection by the New Jersey Association of School Administrators as the 2018 New Jersey Superintendent of the Year; and, where as, the strength and prosperity of the State of New Jersey and the vitality of our American society depend, in great measure, upon concerned citizens, exemplified by Dr. Kathleen W. Taylor, who tirelessly strive to secure an education that prepares our students for the challenges and opportunities if the twenty-first century.”