OCIS Creates Food Drive Box For Renters To Donate Leftover Food

OCIS Creates Food Drive Box For Renters To Donate Leftover Food

OCEAN CITY, NJ (June 18, 2019) - For four weeks, the Ocean City Intermediate School has been working on a project to make food donation boxes that will reside at Ocean City Intermediate School. These boxes are meant to be a drop off spot for renters who still have leftover non-perishable foods when they are finishing up their vacation.

“The whole idea started when my wife and I were on vacation and we didn’t know what to do with our leftover non-perishable food.” said Ocean City Intermediate School’s Building Supervisor Todd Lauer. “I came home from vacation thinking about all of the out-of-town renters we have here in Ocean City and wanted to turn their leftovers into a positive. When I approached Ocean City Intermediate School Shop and STEM teacher, Stu Lichtenstein, about this we came up with an idea to create a food drop box. Our goal is to be able to deliver at least one pick-up truck full of donations.”

The design was conceptualized with the help of some of Mr. Lichtenstein’s shop students and after purchasing the wood, about 20 of his students participated in constructing the boxes. Science teacher and leader of the Garden Club, Corey Terry, and her club were recruited to see if they would be interested in helping out with this project due to the box’s placement. The Garden Club along with the help of LAL Teacher, Elizabeth Lehman, came up with a flyer that explained what the project was about and guidelines for donating.

“The food boxes will provide the less fortunate with food that would otherwise be discarded.” said Principal Geoff Haines. “There is so much food left over when vacationers pack up and head home that becomes trash and wasted.  It is an awesome opportunity to turn this into something good.  The students at OCIS did a wonderful job in creating these bins in woodshop class as we always try to teach service to community.”

The Food Drive donation boxes for non-perishable foods will sit outside the Ocean City Intermediate School at 1801 Bay Ave. The food that will be collected is to be donated to the Food Bank of New Jersey.