National Red Ribbon Week Theme Days at OCIS

OCIS Recognizes Red Ribbon Week 2019

Team Up Against Drugs

Wednesday, October 23: Wear your favorite jersey, team or club shirt.


Live Happily Ever After When You Commit to a Drug-Free Future!

Thursday, October 24: Wear Disney, Pixar, or Cartoon apparel.


Making Good Choices is NO SWEAT!

Friday, October 25: Wear your favorite sweatshirts and sweatpants.


LEI OFF Drugs!

Monday, October 28: Wear Hawaiian, tropical or floral clothing.


We’re TOO SMART to do drugs!

Tuesday, October 29: Wear your college t-shirts and gear!


Drugs are WACKY

Wednesday, October 30: Wear your wackiest clothing but avoid wacky life choices.


Hocus, Pocus, Drugs Aren’t My Focus

Thursday, October 31: Wear ORANGE and BLACK. AND Teacher costumes!.


Red Ribbon Day

Friday, November 1: Wear RED and RED RAIDER Gear.