OCHS Incorporates Career Technical Education Into Curriculum

OCEAN CITY, NJ (January 23, 2020) –  Ocean City High School will be offering a Career Technical Education (CTE) program in the field of Marketing/Marketing Management. In order to complete the Career Technical Education program students must successfully complete the three-course requirement. This includes Fashion Marketing and Merchandising; Hospitality, Tourism, and Real Estate Services; and Marketing and Sports Entertainment. Students in the program must participate in the Career and Technical Student Organization: DECA and attain a passing score on the A*S*K* Institute: Fundamental Marketing Concepts Exam. 

“Bringing the Career Technical Education Program and the Structured Learning Experiences to Ocean City High School was of great importance to Dr. Jamison, administration, the School Board, and me. Our goal with our students is to always prepare them for the responsibilities that will be expected of them when they move on to their collegiate and post-secondary careers. We strongly believe that the High School CTE program will expand those opportunities for our students to learn general workplace responsibilities, as well as, begin to understand the mechanics of their desired career field.”  said Superintendent of Schools, Kathleen Taylor.

The Career Technical Education programs are designed to bring experiential career interests and coursework together through the use of Structured Learning Experiences. The CTE programs of study requires at least one Structured Learning Experience (SLE) during the program of studies. The SLEs are experiential, educational activities that are designed to provide students with exposure to the requirements and responsibilities of specific job titles or job groups. These supervised activities aim to assist students in gaining employment skills and making career and education decisions. They can include job shadowing, cooperative education experiences, volunteering, apprenticeships, internships, or school-based enterprises. In addition to off-campus opportunities, the school store, Raider Retailers will provide an on-campus Structured Learning Experience opportunity for students in the program. Once all of the CTE requirements are met, students will be awarded a certificate of completion and will be able to utilize their CTE experience in their college and post-secondary planning.