Congratulations to Erin – 2020 Ocean City Primary School Teacher of the Year!

OCEAN CITY, NJ (May 8, 2020) - Congratulations to Erin – 2020 Ocean City Primary School Teacher of the Year!

It is the end of Teacher Appreciation Week and we wanted to thank everyone that participated in celebrating our Ocean City teachers! We also want to give an extra special shoutout to our Teacher of the Year, Erin Porter!

Erin Porter, 2nd grade Teacher, is an educator who deserves this TOY recognition because of her positive impact on the students in her classroom, the school, and the community. Erin’s optimism with a can-do attitude makes everyone believe the same thing – I can do this – no matter the challenge. This is shown every day as she makes sure each of her students are included in what is going on in the classroom or school, by celebrating them and making them feel special. Maintaining high expectations for all students by meeting them where they are in their leaning, moving them forward in achievement, challenging them to do their best, and cheering for them as they make progress is why Erin is loved by her students. Erin cares about the whole child and instills good character traits in her lessons so that her students become good citizens in school and in the community.

Erin is a team player who has stepped up as a second-grade team leader, a mentor, and a collaborator with field service students, new teachers and staff. Enthusiastic and helpful, she is generous with her time and makes new staff members feel at home. As a valuable member of the OCPS Leadership Team and Spirit Committee, Erin promotes school and community events, engages in wellness initiatives, and does so with a smile on her face. Erin loves to have fun and loves to make sure that everyone is having fun too, not just some days, but every day.

The “We Rock Team” is stronger because of Erin as she has an important role as a Team member in promoting this initiative with positivity and enthusiasm. Erin is also the co-coordinator of the Pi Day Run. She supports high school sports teams by working at some games, or just showing up to cheer them on. She volunteers her time for PTA and school-sponsored events. Erin champions us all!

During this remote learning time, Erin has initiated morning announcements, which has grown to be the daily entertainment of the Primary School. Her smile is the biggest when she is warming the hearts of others or giving them a thumbs-up. Erin does what is needed for students, staff, parents and colleagues. Erin does this because she believes everyone is a team! Erin is highly respected and regarded by students, colleagues, parents, school community, here and around the region.