2nd and 3rd Graders are Kicking off the READBowl

We are extremely excited to share our 2nd and 3rd grade Reading challenge.
We have joined Malcolm Mitchell’s READBowl!
Last Year, Mrs. Porter took the CHAMPIONSHIP WIN for Grades K-2 in New Jersey.




READBowl 2022 The World Championship of Reading

This year we are going bigger. Our 2nd and 3rd grade students are KICKING off the READBowl with Coach Smith and the Ocean City High School Football team on January 10th at Carey Stadium. The OCEA has donated a copy of Malcolm Mitchell’s book for each student participating in this reading challenge.

Thank you to Erin Porter for organizing all of this with our 2nd Grade and 3rd grade teachers along with the OCHS football team!


Follow along: Official READBowl Weekly Playbook


What is READBowl?

READBowl 2022 The World Championship of Reading is a free global reading competition where PK-8 classrooms around the globe compete to read for the most minutes. The competition begins the day of the American College Football National Championship (January 10). READBowl will culminate with a live crowning of The World Champions of Reading on the morning of the National Football League’s (NFL) Super Bowl Sunday (February 13).


READBowl, now in its 5th season, is a Read with Malcolm program designed to inspire kids to read and to provide teachers with a platform to motivate students to increase reading minutes. To date, more than 250,000 students have competed in READBowl and have read for nearly 100,000,000 minutes collectively.


READBowl is a 4-week program divided into four quarters and includes a halftime show. Reading minutes must be tracked in the Official READBowl Weekly Playbook at www.readwithmalcolm.com/readbowl. The competition is based on the highest student average for reading minutes. Educators track their students’ reading minutes from 8:00 am EST each Monday of the competition through 11:59 pm EST each Sunday evening. Educators must enter the weekly minutes read by 5:00 pm EST each Monday following the prior week’s competition. Leaders in each conference are posted on the READBowl Leaderboard each Wednesday during READBowl. Weekly/Quarterly Champions are crowned in each conference. A World Champion will be crowned in each conference and must have read for the most average minutes per class/team within their conference throughout the duration READBowl. This year we will also crown an Overall World Champion. State Reading Champions will be crowned in each conference at the conclusion of READBowl.

Why READBowl?

According to Malcolm Mitchell: Children who struggle to read often, drop out of school, live in poverty, and end up in jail. Malcolm Mitchell grew up with similar challenges, had his life re-directed by reading, and went on to win a super bowl. So Malcolm’s mission is to have kids pay attention to his message about literacy!

Click Here To Learn More About Malcolm Mitchell


We are so pumped for this challenge to start!!!!