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A Note From The Librarian

Books, reading and using the library are an important part of a child's education. I hope parents can find time to share books with their families. Together, let's work to foster a love of reading in children. Please support the library at home by reminding your children of the following rules:

  1. Keep books safe and clean.
  2. Return books to the library on time.
  3. Report any book damage to the librarian.


Goals of the Library Program

The educational objectives of the Ocean City Primary School's library skills program are for each student to be able to:

  • understand organization of the library
  • recognize the Dewey Decimal System as a classification method
  • use the on-line catalog to locate materials
  • follow necessary procedures
  • exhibit proper care of materials
  • show consideration of others
  • behave appropriately
  • appreciate and enjoy literature and media of many different genres, including materials that reflect cultural diversity
  • choose reading as an independent activity
  • experience and utilize reference materials


Circulation Policies

Library Cards

Every student is issued a library card when their class takes out a book for the first time. Replacements will not be issued if the card is lost. Cards are not necessary when checking out a book, but they make the librarians job much easier.

Loan Period

The school runs on a five-day schedule, so the loan period for all students is five school days. Library books are due on each student's scheduled library day. Books may be returned and checked out on days other than their assigned library day. Students may come to the library when they first arrive at school or may be sent down by the teacher during the day.

Material Limits

Students are allowed to check out one book at a time during their library visit. Second and third grade students may check out an additional book when it is needed for assignments given by their classroom teacher.

Lost or Damaged Books

Lost or damaged books are the responsibility of the student and must be paid for at the current retail price.


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