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What is Schoology?

Schoology Parent Access is where parents and legal guardians get information about their student's assignments and classwork. 

Schoology enables teachers to post assignments, publish calendars, and make classroom materials available online. Students can submit work and receive feedback from their teachers within Schoology.

Parent Login:

Student Login: 

(students should log in with Google)

What Can I See in Schoology with My Parent Account?

There are specific modules available to parents, including course updates, course content, and each student's assignment calendar. Parents cannot review submitted assignments, feedback from teachers, or grades in Schoology. 
Calendar shows a student's assignments in all courses. Parents can use the calendar view to understand when assignments are due, and how coursework is dispersed throughout a particular marking period.
Course reveals all courses in which a student is enrolled. Parents can review course content posted by teachers, including assignments.
Groups shows all of the groups in which a student is registered. Parents can review groupwork and other group-related items in this tab.


Register for a Schoology Parent Account Online

Parents create a Schoology account by using a Parent Access Code available from any of your student's teachers.  All of your children can be connected to one parent login; each child will have a separate Parent Access Code.  The code should look similar to 1A2E-B3C4-5KD6.
  1. When you have your parent access code, go to:
  2. Click the Sign Up button in the top right corner.
  3. Select the Parent button.
  4. Enter the access code you received, and click Continue.
  5. Enter YOUR OWN name and email (not the student's) and choose a password.

    (these steps above are similar if using the mobile app)
For additional information and help from Schoology, here is a link to their Parent Guide:

Add Children to your Schoology Parent Account 

If you already have a parent account in Schoology for one child, you can add additional children to your account. To add additional children, please follow these steps:
  1. Log into your Schoology account using your username or email address and password.
  2. Click on the downfacing arrow on the top right of the Schoology account.
  3. Select the option to +Add Child.
  4. Enter the Parent Access Code for the child you'd like to add to your account. Teachers have parent access codes.
  5. The code should look similar to 1A2E-B3C4-5KD6. 
  6. Click on the Use Code button to complete.

Get The Schoology App!

The Schoology app is available for your phone or mobile device.  Visit to find the app for you.  The mobile experience is very similar to a desktop web experience. 

When using the Schoology app, parents and students log in differently; students use the top of the login screen (log in through your school) and parents use the bottom.