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This page is for staff, students, and families searching for assistance with technology-related services.  The Ocean City School District is Committed to Excellence.  In a global environment, where technology continues to significantly change the normal course of business and education, students need proficiency in digital, visual, informational, and textual literacy to be active participants of the 21st century.  Technology facilitates this process and is a principal tool to accomplish these ends.  The district wants to ensure students develop the skills and knowledge necessary to responsibly participate in the modern world.  Therefore, the school district provides technology to create a dynamic educational experience for students that enhances learning across disciplines.   

If you need assistance, please click here to email the Student & Parent/Guardian Help Desk for assistance or to request a Parent Account in PowerSchool.  This will generate a ticket in our system and one of our support team members will respond as quickly as possible. To provide the best assistance possible, please include all pertinent information and details in your submission.  Screenshots of any errors will also assist in troubleshooting.  Thank you. 

If you are contacting us regarding issues with a personally owned device, we can provide support or assistance with your district login information such as PowerSchool, Microsoft, or Google.  We apologize, but we cannot offer hardware, software, or operating systems support to personally owned devices, nor can we assist in troubleshooting home network issues or issues with your internet service provider.     

Graduated students from Ocean City Schools will no longer have access to student accounts. Prior to graduation or leaving the District, we offer the option to keep a copy of the work from your time as a student in OCSD. Click here for instructions on how to move files to a new location. 


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  • Click Here to Email the Student & Parent/Guardian Help Desk for Assistance
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