Red Raider Wellness Center

What is the Red Raider Wellness Center? 

The Red Raider Wellness Center provides a safe, supportive environment for our High School and Intermediate School students. The High School Wellness Center opened its doors in the beginning of the 2017-18 school year. The Intermediate School Wellness Center opened its doors in the fall of the 2019-20 school year. Students are able to visit the Wellness Center and discuss a variety of issues from depression, grief, self-esteem, family life to dating violence, sexual identity and health needs. 

What kinds of issues does the Wellness Center address? 

The Wellness Center staff address a wide variety of issues such as: 

  •  Stress
  •  Depression & Suicide
  •  Sexual Orientation/Gender Questions 
  •  Family Issues 
  •  Chronic Illness
  •  Peer Relationships 
  •  Violence & Abuse 
  •  Anxiety 
  •  Drug & Alcohol Abuse 
  •  Sexual Health

How do I refer a student to the Wellness Center? 

Students can be referred to the Wellness Center by contacting the student's Guidance Counselor or School Psychologist. In addition, students can also self-refer or refer friends through their School Counselor or by coming directly to the Wellness Center. Althought the staff in the Wellness Center are bound by confidentiality, there are still limitations. In the event that a student reports that they want to harm themselves, they want to harm others, or they report that someone is being abused/neglected, the staff would be mandated to report this information.

New Jersey Duty to Warn Law for Mental Health Professionals 

Who is on the Wellness Center Team? 

OCHS Red Raider Wellness Center
Faye Noble
609-399-1290 ext. 8756

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OCIS Red Raider Wellness Center/Social Worker
Stepfanie Grisinger
609-399-5611 ext. 5437

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