HOW TO: Transfering Content from Student Accounts

As of Friday, June 30th, students graduating from Ocean City Schools will no longer have access to student accounts. As a graduating Senior, or a student leaving the District, we offer the option to keep a copy of the work from your time as a student in OCSD. Below are instructions on how to move files to a new location. 

If you have files in Google Cloud: and you will see an option called “Transfer Your Content” Click and Follow the steps. These steps assume you have another Google account or that you will set up a personal Goggle account.

If you have files in One Drive:
Move your school files when you graduate - OneDrive (home or personal) (

If you have Files in Adobe Cloud:
It would be easiest to copy/paste those files to either Google or OneDrive.

If you have files in both OneDrive and Google Drive:
You can follow the steps above or copy/paste the items all into one location and then transfer.

If you are having issues or require further assistance, send an email to our help desk:  


Best of Luck! 

Ocean City Information Technology Team